Mask Madness


A Federal court ruled against the mask mandates on public transportation and around 85% of the people surveyed thought this was a good idea. The majority of American citizens are done with masking and want to see it go away but there is a fringe group of brainwashed Americans that are melting down over the court’s ruling. They want to continue to wear masks and also want everyone else to wear one as well. If they want to wear a mask then fine but do not try and tell the rest of the people that don’t want to wear a mask to wear one. The rule of law has spoken but the Biden administration and the DOJ just can’t accept the ruling and let the mask debate go. There is no more doubt about the masks being used for control. They were never about our safety or our health, that was an outright lie being used by the leftist in charge to beat us into submission. The DOJ has now filed an appeal to the Federal court’s ruling. It is now a critical cross road for all Americans to navigate. Do we continue down the path of tyranny or do we tell the Federal government where they can put their masks? The Biden administration is now directing going against the will of the people and the ruling of the Federal court in regards to masking on public transportation. The ruling was based on the fact that the CDC has no jurisdiction to tell the American people to wear a mask on public transportation and they also ruled that it was unconstitutional to do so. We have seen the same arrogant behavior in California when a judge ruled that Gavin Newsom had no legal grounds to keep people from going to church. He decided to ignore the ruling and a second judge made an additional ruling and ordered him to stop his unconstitutional act. When our elected officials decide to not follow the rulings of our Federal court system then we are in big trouble and the people must rise up in order to stop the oppression, it is our constitutional right to do so. We are witnessing outright tyrannical leadership in America and the buck must stop with We the People. We can not allow these out of control leaders to continue down the road they are taking us down. This is not a time to sit idly by and wait for things to work themselves out. This is a time for taking action to thwart the efforts of these out of control tyrants. We must not be lulled into submission by their entertainment, sporting events, and main stream media news cycles. All of these things will sow the seeds of our destruction if we partake in them and do nothing to stop the slide into Marxism, because that it where all of their evil plans lead. They do not care about us, they do not want us to have freedom of choice nor do they want us to have freedom of speech. These people are wicked and pure evil. They tell us one thing and do the opposite in their own lives. Why should we listen to them anymore? We must build our own system of commerce, finance, education, manufacturing and agriculture. We must remove ourselves from their twisted system of corruption so that we can once again live as free people. They have no plans to end their power grab and will not be satisfied until they have enslaved us all. So what are you going to do? Are you going to fight for freedom or continue down the road to slavery for yourself and all future generations?

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