The Saga Continues


The year 2022 is upon us as we continue to race down this road of the plandemic. There seems to be no end in sight as they roll out booster after booster upon the weary public. Many have chosen not to partake in such jabbery while the ones that have are starting to suspect that something is amiss. They were told that if they just went along with what they were told to do and take the jabs then everything would get back to normal but it never did. They were told that they would not have to wear a mask if they just took the jabs but now they must. They were told that they would be protected from the virus if they took the jabs but now they are getting sick and spreading it to others. They did everything an obedient slave must do in order to please the master but they are now being threatened with an unvaxxed status if they don’t continue to meet their ever increasing demands. Society has now been turned into a two-tier society and the vaxxed are being manipulated to hate the unvaxxed. Could it be because they now know that all their efforts were in vain and it is too late to turn back even if they wanted to. Or maybe they hate the unvaxxed because they never felt the same deep inside their soul after they took the first shot and now they resent the unvaxxed for not joining them in their misery. The propaganda that runs night and day pounds through the psyche of those who dare to pay attention to it. To those that refuse the urge to indulge, they are buffered from the evil message but now feel like outcasts from society and contemplate their future fates. Fore they have taken a vow to never go down that path of tyranny and destruction but to instead forge a different path in the uncharted waters of the new world. Ever searching for the answers to their questions of why they have been cast out over their personal decisions to not participate in their own demise.  Even as people are dying by the tens of thousands from the jabs, the lies continue as the conforming masses are told that the jabs are perfectly safe and that they protect them from the virus. We live in a real life scenario of the book Animal Farm now where everything is not what it appears to be. If you were to tell people 3 years ago that life would be as it is today, they would have thought you were crazy and called you a conspiracy theory nut. Only now are people starting to realize the horrifying truth of what they signed up for so foolishly.

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