The Coming Holocaust


The awful truth is now starting to appear about the globalists experimental gene therapy shots. Young and old people alike are dying from heart attacks, airline pilots are dying on the job, people are becoming paralyzed, people are losing their connection with themselves. This whole plandemic is beginning to unravel but there are still many people who have bought the narrative.  Everyday there is another person falling victim to the Covid jab either physically or paying with their life. Every night the main stream media will either ignore it or spin it into another propaganda story line. The media is a strong ally to the globalist plot to over take the world and enslave all of humanity. These people are sick and demented beyond comprehension. They are possessed by their narcissistic disease and drunk on their arrogance. They have no use for humanity other than what they can take from us. They do not respect nor have empathy for other people’s struggles or pain in life. They are truly satanic evil incarnated. As time goes on the true nature of the Covid gene therapy shots becomes more evident. This whole world lockdown has been a giant exercise in mind control and conditioning. It is amazing how many weak minded individuals have fallen for the traps that were set for humanity. It is a supernatural plan of surgical extermination and enslavement of mankind. Every step of the way presented and executed with prejudice and in the process dividing all of humanity into a two tier society of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Such a brilliant plan was not conceived by accident. It ignores the boundaries of politics, religion, race, gender and culture. The Covid gene therapy shot is the perfect bioweapon of mass destruction that stands to annihilate most of the human race on the planet. People that once laughed at those that would not go along with the narrative will now find themselves either becoming physically disabled or at worst meeting their maker. All one really needs to do is look around at what is happening amongst the world leaders and globalists to get an understanding of what their plan really is. They have spent decades making plans, doing simulations, infiltrating every aspect of modern society and patiently anticipating the moment they could fully enact their devious plans. That time has arrived, the trap was set and all of humanity was snared in it but there are literally billions of people around the world that do not want anything to do with what the globalists have planned for mankind. They are feverishly enacting their evil plan like a mad man careening down a mountain road. Their plans have not gone totally as they had hoped because people are getting wise to them. The globalists are now working in uncharted waters because their arrogance did not allow them to foresee a situation where people would not go along with their narrative. They thought that they had lulled most everyone into a hypnotic state with their technology, social media, main stream news, tainted food supply and endless gadgets of distraction and misdirection. They have made a crucial error in judgement and it will cost them dearly if the informed people of the world fight back with all that they have. This is the final inning in a very long game that we didn’t even know we were playing. We now have to attack the globalists from all angles, overwhelm their systems of control, bypass their communication avenues, turn off their programming, think for ourselves. If we do not stand up and fight for our right to live as free people, then we will forever be enslaved to their system of control and dehumanized existence. We will become the cyborgs of their ultimate plan, to control our thoughts, our dreams, our desires, our souls. They will send the human race to a place where God can not reach, a place of altered DNA and replicated genomes. This is what we are fighting against, this is what we must overcome and exterminate from our world. This is a fight to the end because the perpetrators have no intention of stopping until their evil plans have fully played out. The world we once knew is gone and a new dystopian world is taking its place at an accelerated rate. We must now look deeply into our world history for the nuggets of knowledge and forewarnings that can now serve us in our greatest hour of need. This is a battle that  is being played for keeps, there is no compromising or coming to the table with the evil overlords of this insidious plan. They simply will not alter their demonic plans to appease us. We must take back our freedoms, our rights that were handed over to them, our self worth, our dignity and most importantly our souls. For it is our souls which they desire the most, the holocaust that is under way is really a human sacrifice to Lucifer. The enemy that we must now fight is soulless, possessed by evil powers of destruction. All one needs to do is open their eyes and see. The ultimate plan of human destruction is now fully out in the open and this is how we can tell that the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number and its number is six hundred and sixty six.

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