The Masks Must Go!

Today I read a news article about a school nurse who was fired for speaking out against the masking of children, she called it child abuse. She shared in the article about a child who said that they could not get the mask off their face. The child spoke the truth as she tried to remove it and ended up cutting it off. Who knows how old the mask was or how long the child had been wearing it. She spoke of another child who had vomited while wearing her mask and the vomit was still in her mask and all over her face. She spoke of the filthy masks covered in dirt, food and other disgusting things as the children kept wearing them. You see children are taught to trust adults and do as they are told. The nurse if absolutely right, this is child abuse of the highest magnitude and it must stop. These infernal masks have nothing to do with our health and everything to do with Communist compliance. They are being used to break our spirits as human beings so that we have no more fight left in us to resist. I thank God that there are people out there like this brave woman who still have fight left in them and can see the sadistic demands that are being thrust upon our children. This is no way to be living our lives and the verified scientific reports out there in regards to the negative effects of mask wearing are there for all to see. The masks must go now! No more should we be complying with these sadistic and evil mandates, while the over lords defy their own sick rules. This is the final call comrades, there is no going back once they turn mask wearing into law as I am most assured they will try to do soon. The harm that these masks are doing to us both physically and mentally is nothing short of torture and mind control in league with prisoner of war conditioning. We are the prisoners of their sick and demented dystopian fantasies if we continue to go along with their mandates. Everyday I see more and more people falling victim to their evil plans by complying and then get mad at me when I speak out against these atrocities. To those people I say wake up from your dystopian slumber and start living your lives again as free men, women and children. If we don’t we are destined to live as slaves and then have to explain to our children and grandchildren why we stood down and did nothing when we all had the chance to fight back. We are no stronger for this battle than we are right now and our oppressors will never be more vulnerable than right now. They are drunk on their arrogance and  power, we need to take advantage of this just as George Washing and his battle worn regiment did when they surprised the British soldiers after their drunken victory celebration. Now is the time to fight because if we wait there will be no other opportunities for a very long time. Give me liberty or give me death!

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