It Is So Nice To See Your Face

As I was waiting in line at my local UPS Store today I glanced behind me and had to take a double take, there was a woman without a face diaper on her face. I looked straight at her and said that is was so nice to see her face and she responded with the same reply. We chatted for a brief moment and connected as two people who did not buy into the narrative that has been shoved in our faces for over a year now. I felt an exhilaration that I have not felt in a while while conversing with a complete stranger. It was so refreshing to communicate with another human being as we all once used to do. I could feel her positive vibe as well, like we found each other amongst a sea of foreign people while traveling in another country. It was so refreshing to just talk and see each other’s face and not be constrained from behind a stupid mask. Even though our exchange was brief, it was so refreshing to hold a normal conversation with someone. I have been really looking at people in public as they walk around in their face diapers, all I see are their eyes. There is no personal connection with them at all. They also don’t tend to speak to me. I feel like since I am not wear a face diaper, they are looking down upon me because I am not going along with the narrative of the crowd. The funny  thing is that I have never gone along with the narrative of the crowd. Whatever the masses are doing I tend to do the opposite. I must admit that at first I wore a mask because no one knew what this virus was all about. All we had to go by were the videos coming out of China with people dropping dead in the streets and being welded into their apartments. In hindsight I am convinced that this was all propaganda to heighten the hysteria that was soon to follow. It wasn’t but a few months into the lockdowns that I no longer wore a mask in public. I began to challenge the “mask must be worn” signs on businesses. To my amazement I was often able to enter and go about my business with no one bugging me to wear a mask. I think that after a while most people were so used to seeing people in a mask that they didn’t even notice me without a mask. Maybe it was my beard and mustache that subliminally looked like a mask to them but I am not sure. I do however feel that the vast majority of people have had their minds altered by going along with the narratives and never questioning them. This is the very dangerous part of propaganda mind control tactics. We as humans must resist this in every way possible in order to not come under its spell. I feel that the weak minded are easily affected by propaganda but the strong minded resist it with all their might. Unlike the Borg’s “resistance is futile” in Star Trek, I believe that resistance is essential to our survival as a species upon this planet. So to all of you who boldly venture out into society with face diapers, I commend you all! I look forward to seeing your wonderful and beautiful faces once again as I navigate this strange new world that we find ourselves in.

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