America’s Final Stand

The year 2020 was a water shed year for America and the world. We now stand at a fork in the road which will determine were America is going to be a year from now, depending on which road that we take as a nation. In the past year we have seen our freedoms forcefully taken away from us with no hint of when they will be returned to us. History has shown us time and time again that those that take the freedom’s away from the people never give them back willingly. The only way that they are returned to the people is by force initiated by the oppressed. We are now at this point in America’s history. It is obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ultimate plan of the Leftist Marxists in power is to strip us all of our freedoms, take our weapons and poison us with their experimental gene therapies. They will continue to pound away at our mental health through the forcing of mask mandates and endless lockdowns. They will continue to assault our self worth until we no longer care and will then do whatever they tell us to do. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at what Hitler did to the Jews. Many Jews willingly and without a fight walked to the edge of the death pits when told as they were then shot in the head. Their spirits were broken and death was a welcome way out for them. This is what is happening right now in America and around the world. People are being constantly assaulted for their unwillingness to go along with the Globalist plan of extermination. Welcome to the Great Reset. There is no more time to sit by and merely watch what is taking place. We are now at a point in time where we all must decide which fork in the road that we want America to go down. If one does not choose a road then a road will be chosen for them and that road will be the road of tyranny and oppression under Marxist/Communist rule. There is simply no way that anyone can continue to deny the true agenda of our corrupt politicians in America and Globalist around the world. It is time for all Americans with any sense of duty and honor to our country to stand up and be counted by resisting this hostile take over. The Leftists are totally drunk on their new found and stolen power. At this point it is truly demonic power that fuels their plans. It is because a vast amount of Americans have turned their backs on God and are fueling a heathen society of perverted sexual life styles, draconian controls, extreme racism against white Christian people, and the destruction of our country’s history. When one studies Marxist take overs, this is how it all begins with these types of activities. They pit one group against another, they divide the people in order to conquer them. They destroy the religious communities by destroying their congregations, taking over their buildings and replacing them with the “Party’s” new religious order. They destroy the people’s sense of self worth. This is all known to be true by studying history. There is no exception to the consequences that Marxism and Communism brings upon the people which it destroys. We must all stand against this evil, if not for us then for our children and grandchildren, for all future generations for the next thousand years. We can not allow the destruction of our democratic way of life, based on freedom of speech, freedom to protect one’s self and their family, the freedom to travel without constraint anywhere in our country. These freedoms are what have made the American way of life so precious to those that have sought to come to America by legal means and experience these freedoms for themselves. If America falls there will be no other place on Earth that will inspire people the way that this country has. This is truly America’s greatest hour of need for she is under attack both from within and from abroad. They want to destroy the American way of life because of what this country has stood for and that is freedom. Freedom to live one’s life as they please, to pursue the religion of their choice, to build a business beyond one’s wildest dreams, to experience the human experience to the absolute maximum degree. These are traits that can not be achieved in any other country on this planet. This is why America is now reeling from the endless blows to her foundation. America needs her people to come to her aid now more than ever before. The question is whether enough of her people will rise to the occasion and rescue her. Will enough Americans step out of their own personal worlds and fight to the death if need be to protect her from the assailants which seek to destroy her? You see this is not just a war for America’s survival, it is a war for the sanctity of all people which inhabit this planet because there is no other place on Earth to experience the sort of freedoms which America has shown the world. If America falls so does the rest of the world’s hope for a better way of life. Even if people never visit America we inspire them through the freedoms that we share as Americans. What fork in the road America goes down is dependent upon each one of us choosing which road to take on a very personal level, so choose wisely my fellow Americans because the people of the world are counting on us to make the right decision. May God bless America.

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