Swimming Against the Current

In this day of masking and social distancing it is nice to find a business that does not follow the narratives being handed down to the public. Yes there are still places in America that are run by true patriots. It is so nice to be able to make my own decisions about my own health. To these brave businesses I salute you and will go out of my way to support you with my patronage. At this very moment I am enjoying a meal of fish and chips at one such establishment. Fortunately I live in a county that does not really enforce the mandates that we have all been living under for over a year. I walked right on into the establishment and was greeted as I have always been greeted, took a seat and ordered. There were others that were wearing their face diapers and I am just fine with that. I won’t give them my opinion of them as long as they don’t give their opinion as to why they think that I should do as they do. You see I have always been a fish that swims against the current in life. If everyone is doing something then I am sure to do the opposite in most cases. I am inspired by this establishment’s verve to stand up and conduct business as usual, well as usual as they can anyway under the current conditions. The workers are wearing their face diapers and I really do miss being able to see their faces, their smiles and their unmuffled voices and laughter. I feel for people that are forced to work under these conditions but at least they are not pushing it on to their customers. It has inspired me to find other business that operate the same way, I am now on a quest to find other restaurants where I can eat as we all once did. One of the hardest things for me during this lockdown is the disruption of my public routines. I used to make it a point to visit different restaurants and coffee houses where I would stay for a few hours and enjoy their food and drinks while I worked on my paper work. The really sad truth is that I have all but stopped spending any money in my own community for almost a year. I now order things on-line, I grow my own food and build or repair my own equipment. I really don’t need to go into grocery stores anymore as I have found other ways to obtain my food needs. Some places I will never go into ever again as they became militant about the masking and social distancing and that is way to Nazi for me. The science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these measures have had little to no effect on the China virus outcome and yet it has been devastating to our economy and social structures. Our young people will never be the same again, which in my opinion is nothing short of child abuse. So as I sit here finishing the last of my fish, I have a vivid image in my mind of salmon swimming against the current as a large bear is plucking another one from the water. The lesson is this, if we all started swimming against the current there is no way that the bears of government overreach could catch all of us. The salmon do this ritual every year in order to propagate their species. We can learn a lot by their will to survive, we can also swim against the current to propagate our species and take back our way of life as freedom loving Americans.

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