Monkey See, Monkey Do

It would seem that a lot of people in the world have lost their ability to think for themselves, which is very unfortunate. This whole lockdown situation has truly affected some people’s ability to think rationally anymore. When you see someone driving alone in their vehicle with a mask on then you can see just how far down the rabbit hole that person has gone. Does it really make sense to drive around like that? Or have they become so accustomed to wearing the mask that they feel naked without it. They have been told by people like Anthony Fauci that it will protect them, which is a total lie and there are plenty of scientific studies to back that up. To them it must feel like a shield of protection against an invisible enemy. In reality it is nothing more than a compliance device to shame them into doing what they are told by clueless authority figures. It is saddening to see people going along with this narrative because it shows that they will do anything that they are told to do, in essence they are slaves to the new masters of the Cult of Covid. They are so brainwashed into complying that they will fight anyone who does not also go along with the narrative. These people are quite dangerous to be around and the sad thing is that some people’s family members can be these people.  They have become like zombies of the Covid apocalypse. They never question why they are wearing the mask and going along with social distancing, lockdowns and all the other demands that we have been subjected to. You can choose not to go along with any of the compliance mandates that they have subjected us to. You can go into stores without a mask and typically no one questions it. People have become so accustomed to everyone wearing a mask that they don’t even notice when someone is not wearing one. Even when Texas ended the mask and Covid mandates, the leftist companies were still requiring masks to be worn. There were even protests by people that still want to wear them, that is pure insanity as there is no scientific evidence that they do any good and in fact do way more harm to the wearer. These people can be dangerous to be around and if they are in your circle of friends and family members. This is a time when one must choose their associates very carefully and really pay attention to their actions. Don’t be surprised by people that you thought you knew that have totally exhibited behavior that you would have never expected of them. You may end up with fewer and fewer people that you can really trust anymore. This past year has been a learning experience in the human condition when it comes to brainwashing the masses into compliance. If you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler pulled off the things that he did, we are now able to see just how he did it. Tread lightly friends, pay attention to those around you and think for yourselves.

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