The Zombie Apocalypse

There is a strange phenomenon taking place amongst the citizens of America. Other people that I know have also noticed it as well. Friends which they have known for many years are suddenly making decisions which run astray from what they would have done a year ago. It first started with masks and then social distancing and now the Covid shot. The mask has become a symbol that has taken on political meaning as has social distancing. The Covid shot may become the most divisive element to the population.  People really don’t understand what this shot is going to do once inside their bodies because they believe people like Anthony Fauci who keep saying that it is safe. How can an experimental gene therapy be said to be safe without any extended testing? People like Fauci are simply not telling the truth and people are lining up to take an experiment shot based on his words. People like Fauci should be held personally liable for any detrimental reactions and deaths that have been occurring. They have been misleading the masses that listen to them and are in fact abusing their positions of power and stature in order to mislead people because of their own agendas. This is only the beginning of the coming Zombie Apocalypse that is happening all over the world. Everyday I watch as more and more of my peers succumb to the marketing and manipulation that they ingest on a daily basis through the main stream news, social media, and misinformation from those around them. Everyday I see more and more people that really are not safe to have in one’s circle of influence because these people have begun to change their core beliefs in a lot of cases. I have been really surprised at some of the people that I know that are going along with the narratives, many of which would have never gone along a year ago. I have to wonder what the hell is going on with these people and what is causing them to go against their long held beliefs. I truly believe that the mass media is largely responsible for this phenomenon and that Carl Sagan was right when he warned us in his last interview back in 1996. He warned that there was a real danger when the masses do not understand the technology and that those that do understand the technology will use it against them to control them. I believe that the digital video and audio technology has advanced to such a state. I also believe that they are using this advanced technology to transmit subconscious altering imagery and audio into the minds of the masses without them realizing that this is happening. I also believe that digital signals can be placed within the carrier signal of the videos and audio which can then program people’s subconscious minds without their knowledge. I find from my own observations that the more people watch and listen to the media available, the more they seem to traveling down the path of oppression and acceptance of the dystopian future that is being sold around the world. I myself do not engage in such media. I do not watch television shows nor listen to the latest music that is being propagated around the world. The mega celebrity entertainment personalities are what I am referring to on this. They all seem to be peddling the latest government propaganda and pushing things like mask wearing, social distancing and vaccines. I grew up in an area when this was totally looked down upon, it was known as selling out to the corporate structure. It was never about getting filthy rich, it was about the art itself and the fans. That has all changed now and is partially responsible for the continual downward spiral of the human race. More and more people have lost their ability to think for themselves, to exercise critical thinking when it comes to their own health and survival. The human race is on a fast track to extinction if we continue to obey the very few in power that control the masses. Why are we listening to these people in the first place? In the past year non of our stolen freedoms have been returned to us, nor are they planning to return them to us ever. That is why I feel like we are in the Zombie Apocalypse because people who once resisted the stealing of their freedoms are now going along with whatever they are told to do in order to get along in the New World Order. No longer are they resisting the propaganda but are now in on the implementation of the global agendas of people like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, George Soros, the WHO and the CDC. Everyday it seems that someone else that I know has been infected by the propaganda that they have ingested and now act like cult members rather than free thinking human beings.In the past year we have become a continuing episode of the Walking Dead. May God have mercy on our souls.

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