Welcome to the Asylum

As we start another year under lockdowns I find that life has become a very surreal experience. Surreal in the fact that so many things just don’t add up anymore. Critical thinking seems to have become a thing of the past as illogical thinking has taken its place. Our leaders seem to have an agenda vastly different than what they are telling society. Their version of recovery in no way will work in regards to keeping the economy functioning as before, keeping personal relationships functional and healthy, keeping society healthy. The list goes on and on and in no way is it sustainable for a positive outcome. I have said for a year now that we are all in the insane asylum with totally insane people in power calling the shots which affect all of our lives. There comes a time when society needs to understand this fact and act accordingly in order to restore sanity to an insane clown circus that the power mongers have created for us and themselves. There will be no recovery for society, no recovery for the economy, no recovery for the sanity of society unless we all start to question everything that the power mongers send down the line. We as a society need to begin using critical thinking again and really look at what the power mongers are proposing for their recovery plan, which is not at all in line with what we need to recover our society. There is a very dark energy which has reared its ugly head in this world and this energy in my opinion is coming from non other than China. It is a bit curious to me that China is the only country on the planet that never initiated a total lockdown other than Wuhan and a few other cities over time. Their economy never shut down and they have in fact been functioning at a pretty normal level while the rest of the world has all but imploded from the lockdowns. It is no coincidence that a tremendous amount of countries are talking of implementing draconian CCP style enforcement of new rules for travel, going to work, shopping, etc. We can not allow this to happen because that would be insane for the whole world to become like Communist controlled China. We are seeing a major uptick in mental health issues around the world due to this lockdown and mask situation, especial with the youth of our society where suicides have spiked. In the new asylum the truth is now viewed as untruth, logic has been replaced by illogical concepts, so called scientific research turns out to be far from scientific. The real term for this is called gaslighting. When gaslighting someone the perpetrator is trying to convince the victim that they are indeed losing their mind. This is exactly what we are seeing take place in society as we continue down this path of insanity. We as a species need to act now in order to stop these insane power mongers from fully implementing their evil and twisted plans to not only control us but to also kill off millions, even billions of us in the process. This is the true definition of insanity because what sane person would want to do these twisted things to their fellow citizens. These people are no friends of society and must be thrown into the dustbin of tyrannical history. We have a number of tools at our disposal, the strongest of them is non-compliance. The next powerful tool is to make the power structures non-essential to our society. When we no longer need to rely on them for our survival then they become far less powerful but they will fight us to maintain their control over us through their services, programs, government handouts and other enticements. Self sufficiency is one of our most power assets that we can obtain. We can do this by growing our own food, building our own tools, buy precious metals so that we won’t be totally reliant on their fiat currency. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge that one attains, the more power they can wield against the power structures. This is our hope as a species on this planet as we continue to be attacked by the power structures which are affecting our lives in negative ways. A world where elections can now be stolen without recourse, essential services can be withheld for whatever reasons that they can dream up, your rights can be violated without reason, all in the name of safety for the greater good. We have seen these same tactics used in past history and the carnage that it has left behind. Now is the time to stand up for humanity, not later because it is too late for that line of thinking. We need to push back not only for ourselves but for all future generations to come. We must send a very strong message to the power structures of this planet that their resistance to our non-compliance and need for them in our lives is futile.

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