The Gaslighting of America and the World

As we entered the new year I was reminded that we are all coming up on the one year anniversary of the China Virus lockdown of the entire planet, accept for China. They have not locked down their country and the economy for them is doing just fine. How could one not wonder that maybe they really did plan this whole thing to break the economy of the rest of the world and make every country just like Communist China. This so called pandemic is like no other in recorded history for some reason, even though it has an over 99% recovery rate by some estimates. Every pandemic in history typically only lasted a year of less, that is because the virus moves through the population and herd immunity is achieved. Why is this pandemic somehow different? In reality it is no different than every other pandemic that the people of this world have ever gone thru. There is obviously a very wicked agenda taking place by the very few ultra power people that manipulate the masses like ants in an ant farm. Let’s be honest these power mongers hate us and want to eliminate a vast majority of the world population. They have been gaslighting us all for nearly a year now. Telling us one thing and doing the opposite. First it was locking down for two weeks to flatten the curve. That two weeks has turned into two years or more as they are now telling us. This is the new normal they say, we just have to always wear the mask and social distance. There is no science to back any of their outlandish claims up. Then they want us to take an RNA vaccine that has never been fully tested as we are the test subjects for their insane idea, so why bother with years of testing when we can all be the lab rats.They gaslight us all day and night through the media, which they control. They tell us that we should not wear masks, then they say that we need to wear masks, then two masks, then three masks, then four masks! Were is the science on this illogical reasoning? I think that we need to come to the conclusion that these power mongers are totally insane and drunk on their own power to manipulate us like marionette dolls. None of their actions has made any sense unless you look at this situation from their perspective and then it makes perfect sense. If you want to destroy a country then their tactics make perfect sense. Flood the country with illegal aliens without testing them for illnesses. Then give these illegal aliens money and benefits that you keep from the legal citizens. Lock down all of society and make them wear masks so that they can no longer see each other’s faces, this causes people to feel isolated and not give a damn about anybody accept themselves. Then you close all the “non essential” business and take draconian measures to make sure that they comply. Then you start printing money and paying the citizens a basic income. This is starting to sound an awful lot like how socialism and communism gets established. This in not what America is about at all. America is about dealing with adversity head on and overcoming through our intelligence and determination. This is what it truly means to be an American, not cowering down like a beaten victim. The world has been gaslighted during this whole phony pandemic and a lot of people are buying into it. You can tell that by all the sheeple that are wearing masks everywhere, including while they are driving alone in their cars. Do they sleep in the masks as well? I’ve got news for you, the masks don’t protect you from any virus. They do however brainwash the wearer into compliance with anything that the power mongers tell them to do. Do yourself a favor and take the damn mask off, stop listening to the gaslighting and start thinking for yourselves. Take a good look at what has transpired in the past year. A year ago we were all going to concerts, eating out at restaurants, going camping, having family gatherings and living our lives. Now suicide rates have skyrocketed, school children are withdrawn and also committing suicide at an alarming rate. The insane maniacs have stollen all of our lives and it is now time to take our lives back before it is too late. History has shown us what happens when the powers that be do exactly what we are seeing happening around the world right now. The end game is that millions of people die under Communism and that is exactly what is taking place right now on this planet. China is the controlling factor in all of this. Does it not seem a bit odd that the virus started with them and then the whole world shuts down but China does not. Now the whole world is adopting the Chinese Communist Party’s tactics. We have fought too hard against Communism to let them propagate their twisted way of life on the rest of us. It is time that the world stands together in unison and pushes back against this invasion of our way of life before it is too late. It is now or never, do or die. There is no spoon.

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