Is My Life Really Worth Anything Anymore?

A fair question to ask in these days of lock downs. I have to wonder is my life really worth anything anymore when the people lording over us have stolen our entire lives. They have stolen everything that was decent to us, what was necessary for our sanity. In one fell swoop they obliterated the entire entertainment industry and there is not even a whimper from the industry. Bands that will never tour again, movie theater chains going out of business, production companies that will never make great films again. All that will be left will be government sponsored propaganda programing. They have all but destroyed the small business sectors around the world. For those businesses that have made it this far, they will be hard pressed to make it through the harsh winter months. The backbone of our economy wiped out in less than a year. What will these people do now? Many of them have only known their businesses and now they are gone and along with them their inspirations for living life upon this planet. Again I ask, are any of our lives really worth anything anymore. When your purpose for living is stolen from you by people that we ignorantly voted into offices of power, only to be abused by them over and over again through their endless passing of laws, their arrogance and above the law mentality, their flagrant abuse of power and violations of their own mandates during this lock down. Obviously our lives mean nothing to them, we are just cockroaches that they continual poison with their toxic chemicals and then step on. They never really cared about us but rather lied to us all to gain our acceptance so that we would vote them into office. Then there are the mega corporations, from tech companies, clothing companies, social media companies, sports teams and financial institutions, all vying for our money and attention only to clobber us with their political agendas. Then there is the main stream media selling their lies and deceptions to the world, never holding these companies accountable for their horrendous inhumanities to the human race. We are just cattle to them as they brand us with their products and services. All the while many of them are exploiting the poorest of people around the world to mine their precious materials used in the production of their worthless products. These are sick individuals that run these companies, run our cities and states, that run our countries. Now there are some really good people in all of these organizations but they are kept under the boots of the oppressors in charge. They are only kept around to give them credibility until they are no longer needed or become a threat to them. So as I sit and ponder whether my life is really worth anything anymore, I can not ignore the one glaring reality staring me in the face. I was born into this world, we were all born into this world. Given the gift of life to contribute our verses to this life experience. That gives me hope that all is not lost as long as we keep fighting for human decency, freedom of thought and speech, our pursuits of that which brings us joy. You see it is these characteristics which drive the power mongers over us insane for they haven’t the capacity to posses these things. I really don’t feel that I have much time left on this planet and that is why I push the way that I do. I never planned on being an old man, I have always believed that I would die in the battle ahead because I am a boat rocker. The power mongers of the world don’t like boat rockers and eliminate them because the boat rockers seek and speak the truth. They yearn for a different path, a path of freedom of thoughts and ideas. This is foreign to the powers that be, fore they lack the ability to obtain such higher levels of human existence. They are the ones that are parasites, not us as they believe. We see it everyday on social media, those that seek the truth, that speak the truth are eliminated through censorship and cancellation. Some have even been killed for it like JFK, MLK and Malcom X. They are now trying to cancel the entire world, to put us all into a prison cell inside of our minds. Wear a mask, stand six feet apart, stay in your homes, obey the mandates. They have made prisoners of us all in less than a year and we did nothing. Those that we elected to speak for us have done nothing. When you come to the realization that these people are not going to help us, the only option left is to free ourselves from their evil insanity. So in circling back to the title of this post. My life is worth fighting for because I was given the gift of life by being born into this world. All of our lives are worth fighting for, the gift of life is just that…a gift. All is takes is for the creator to take the gift back. All of our lives are so fragile and that is why what these sick people in charge are doing to us is truly evil, fore they care nothing about the gift of life. They flaunt their lives in front of us but I rest better at night knowing that they will not escape death and will ultimately have to repay their Karma. Be strong comrades and live a life of truthful purpose and never stop rocking the boat against tyranny.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.
-Jim Morrison

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