The Stealing of An Election

As I watch the frozen election results I am astounded because never in my life have I ever witnessed this happening ever. Never have I witnessed electioneering at Poll sites like we are seeing now. Never have I witnessed the forced removal or barring of Poll site observers like we are seeing now. Never have I witnessed the barring of election counting observers like we are seeing now. Never have I witnessed mystery ballots arrived at counting centers like we are seeing now. All of these actions are totally illegal and happening only in Democratic controlled states and counties that we know of. By all accounts this should render the whole 2020 election null and void and a mandatory recount in all states should be enacted. If not then America has truly become a banana republic. How the left can openly commit election crimes and not be immediately held legally accountable is beyond me. The people in charge in the violating elections departments should immediately be removed from their positions and investigated as they are ultimately responsible for the actions of their entire department. I don’t say this from a partisan position but from a constitutional position. If our voting process is allowed to be ran in a corrupt manner then all of our freedoms are at risk of being taken away from us. This election fraud taking place right now is not only being done by the election departments and fraudsters but even by the US Postal Service according to whistle blowers that have come forward. The whistle blowers are claiming that they were told by their superiors to hand stamp back dates to November 3rd on selected mail-in ballots that were taken out of the mail processing and then returned to the regular mail with the altered back dates. These ballots had arrived after November 3rd. This has to be some sort of Federal crime and should be fully investigated and is just another reason to announce the 2020 elections as null and void. Any Democratic voter that disagrees should really look inward at their own lack of integrity and moral standing. This current election has become nothing more than a complete fraud and a total disgrace to our American way of life and legal process. If we as patriotic American citizens allow this fraud to go unquestioned, then we have truly changed the course of this once great nation and have started down a path of total draconian rule that will destroy America. It is time to rise as American citizens and fight back against this tyranny. There are many ways to fight this corrupt system. As we are witnessing around the world, freedoms are being taken away at an alarming rate. Unfortunately this election could usher in the very same scenarios here in America. In some states this is already happening and not just in Democratic controlled states either. It is time to really question why each of us was born, was given the gift of life to contribute a verse to the human experience. If you are only here doing social media, tuning out, supporting tyrannical ideas and engaging in nothing more than self centered activities, then you are part of the problem. It is time for each of us to examine our selves and to really think about why we were born and what we are contributing in today’s challenged world. To not take the time to reflect is only pushing us farther down the road to tyranny. Hell’s gates are within our field of vision, whether we enter those gates is up to all of us but choose wisely because there is no turning back once we enter those gates. May God have mercy of America in our greatest time of need.

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