Pandemic or Behavioral Conditioning?

Joseph Goebbels – Secretary to Nazi Propaganda Minister

As I watch the world around me change in radical ways during this coronavirus lock down of society, I can’t help but notice some very shocking and disturbing things happening. I am watching our world being turned upside down and inside out because of a “pandemic” that we are being told is nothing short of an end of the world situation. The goal posts are continually being moved as to how long this lock down will continue and for how long we will be in this pandemic reactive mode. I can’t help but think back to other pandemics of the past, both real and maybe not so real. Let’s look at the word pandemic to get a better understanding of the true nature of what a pandemic is supposed to be.

pan·​dem·​ic | \ pan-ˈde-mik
Definition of pandemic
: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease

So by definition we can say that the current coronavirus situation is truly a pandemic as it has spread over a wide geographic are and does appear to affect an exceptionally high proportion of the population but then again, so does the annual influenza season each and every year. So what makes this any different than any other pandemic that the world has experienced over the past 100 or so years? Let’s take the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004 for instance(now commonly referred to as an outbreak), where over 8,000 people from 29 different countries and territories were infected, and at least 774 people died worldwide. When we take a close look at those relatively low numbers it hardly seems like a real pandemic by nature. In comparison when compared to the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917-1918, 500 million people were infected and 50-100 million people died around the world compared to 8,000 people infected and 774 deaths related to SARS. Let’s take a really good look at those numbers as they don’t even remotely relate to each other. Each day in the USA it is estimated that 1,660 Americans die from cancer, that’s over 600,000 deaths each year in the USA. The current stats as of this writing for COVID-19 thus far are 27,281,934 infected, 887,267 deaths and 19,146,415 recovered. As you can see by the past pandemic numbers, the range of death was quite varied. There is reason for concern about the accuracy of the COVID-19 numbers as there seems to be no shared consensus as to their accuracy. By the definition of what a pandemic is then, the world should be in a constant state of a pandemic just due to cancer. Let’s look at the definition of a pandemic again: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population. Yet society is not shut down for cancer, there is no social distancing, there is no sheltering in place, which by the way is just another way of saying house arrest. I am old enough to remember the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968-69 when 1 to 4 million people died globally. Yet society was not locked down, there was no social distancing, no sheltering in place and the Woodstock music festival went off without a hitch. People contracted the virus, many recovered and many died but life went on as usual around the world. People continued with their daily lives, business conducted business, children went to school and people attended church. I would like you to take a closer look at past pandemics to help you gain a better understanding of the current state of emergency that the world finds itself in today. After close examination of the facts of the past pandemics, what we are experiencing today really makes no sense at all. So what then is really happening? That is a good question to be asking yourself as the world is in lock down, information is being censored off social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Why would any questioning of the official pandemic narrative be taken down from these sites? What has happened to free speech in America and around the world? When one takes a really good look at the coronavirus numbers, things just don’t seem to add up in reality and yet there is fierce debate on both sides of the issue. Some truly believe that there is a pandemic of deadly proportions and some believe there is nothing to really be alarmed about for the general population. In reality all of the discussions and opposition taking place, all the mask wearing and social distancing shaming that is starting to occur, pales in comparison to the reality of what is really taking place, in real time, right before our eyes and that is behavioral conditioning. So let’s take a closer look at the definitions of these two words.

behavior – noun

be·​hav·​ior | \ bi-ˈhā-vyər, bē- \

Definition of behavior
1 : the way in which someone conducts oneself or behaves (see behave sense 1) We were grateful for the gracious behavior of our hostess. The children were rewarded for good behavior. Be on your best behavior. also : an instance of such behavior unacceptable social behaviors
2a : the manner of conducting
b : anything that an organism does involving action and response to stimulation
c : the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment
3 : the way in which something functions or operates


con·​di·​tion·​ing | \ kən-ˈdi-sh(ə-)niŋ

Definition of conditioning
: a simple form of learning involving the formation, strengthening, or weakening of an association between a stimulus and a response

So let’s move away from the current pandemic stats for a moment and focus our attention on the world wide reaction by governments, both national, federal and local. They are handling the current situation as though the world was dealing with an Ebola virus situation, which has a death rate as high as 90%. The Ebola virus is truly a hideous pathogen with a very real and lethal consequence if one is infected by it. By comparison COVID-19 has a death rate that is all over the board depending upon whom one is talking to. Everything about this virus seems to be mired in secrecy as though it is some sort of biological enemy that lurks in the shadows, waiting to infect us at any moment. By the way some people are reacting to this situation one would get the impression that there in no where on earth to hide from the COVID-19 virus, and that is the reaction that I would like to focus the rest of my analysis on. When observing the public’s reaction to this virus one can see as wide a range of how people are dealing with it as there is in the “official” stats relating to COVID-19. There is so much information and misinformation going around that it causes total confusion and contradictory thoughts and theories, in other words there is no clear consensus on the current state of affairs. Even the official numbers from the CDC are in a state of fluctuation. Let us for a moment set aside all of the statistics, death and morbidity rates and focus on the actions that are being taken by the powers that be that is affecting our daily lives and redefining our culture as a whole, with no real end in sight mind you.

I am reminded of a story I once heard about how to capture wild boars. You first start by feeding them in an open clearing. You continue to do this until they show up each day like clock work. Once you have established this behavior you begin to lay out the supplies for the fence that you are going to erect in this clearing. You fist lay the fence posts around the perimeter, spaced widely so the boars can easily walk around or over them. You let them sit on the ground for some time and then one day before the boars arrive, you mount one post upright in the ground while leaving the rest laying flat on the ground as they have been. Each day before they arrive you erect another fence post. Over time you will have erected all the fence posts. Next you start by installing one strand of barbed wire between the post on one side of your new fence. You continue in the fashion over time until all the barbed wire has been attached from top to bottom to the post and there is now a smaller opening at the end that you have trained them to enter. You let them continue their feeding in this new enclosure for a few days. On the final day you install a gate on the opening to the pen and when they come to feast on this day, you simply close the gate and now you have a pen full of wild boars ready for the slaughter. This is exactly what has been happening to the world for a very long time and now the powers that be, the over lords, are shutting the gate on society. The one caveat in this story is that if the wild boars notice you shutting gate and become fully aware of what is happening, they could rush the gate and escape the trap which has been set for them. We as inhabitants on this planet are at that very small window of opportunity at this very moment in human history. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which we have been conditioned as individuals and as a society over the years, to accept the insidious new rules, laws and executive orders which are being enacted on us during this current pandemic situation.

The mask mandate is a good example of conditioning the masses to comply. This is happening all over the world and people are being physically taken off of public transportation, violently wrestled to the ground and arrested for not wearing a mask and not complying with the new normal as they call it. People are also being arrested for not only protesting but even for organizing protests against mask mandates and lock downs in Australia. Now mind you, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that masks are actually effective at protecting us against any virus. In fact there is more evidence that masks cause more harm than good and also can cause scientifically proven health issues for the wearer. The mask also hides ones identity from others, so if everyone is wearing a mask there is no human facial recognition taking place. Over time this will cause people to disassociate from each other, further isolating us which can cause depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. It also causes one to feel over whelmed and beaten down psychologically. Couple this with the much anticipated vaccine and you have the masses psychologically ready to accept anything that the pharmaceutical industry wants to jab into their arm. The mask is a huge step in the direction of total psychological mind control and is vital to the power monger’s plans.

As if the mask mandates were not bad enough, now we also have to deal with social distancing everywhere. Again there is no science to back up social distancing as a viable way to deal with any pandemic. In fact it is coming out that the highest rates of infection are coming from the most locked down and socially distanced area of our society. Families are infecting each other because the are forced to stay home in isolation. The human immune system works best when it is engaging daily with germs and pathogens in the real world. The masks, social distancing and lock down isolation is actually working against our immune systems and causing them to weaken at a rapid rate. The lack of sunshine is also a contributing factor as well since people are spending more time inside their homes. So there are actually three areas of behavioral conditioning that is taking place around the world, the wearing of masks, social distancing and lock down isolation. The other weapon that is being used against us is fear of a virus that we can not see. I am not a COVID denier, I do believe that the virus is real and that people are dying and some are getting really sick from it but the vast majority of people are recovering. This pandemic has not at all turned out like the tale that was being spun. The more that the narrative unravels the more they change up their sales pitch to try and keep it relevant in the public’s eyes. The other weapon that is being used against us is belief. There are those that have bought the ruse hook, line and sinker without ever questioning its validity. Then there are those that don’t believe the virus is real at all, again not looking at the situation at hand for evidence of its validity. I truly believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The virus is real but I believe the pandemic is a total hoax that is being used for a very sinister plan by the power mongers of this planet. When one steps back and takes a really good look at the situation, it becomes very obvious that there is a grand marketing and propaganda scenario playing out around the world. They are up to something very sinister in my humble opinion. They are quickly taking more and more of our freedoms and rights away by the day and if we don’t stand up to their tyranny, we will all find ourselves and future generations in slavery. We owe it to ourselves and to the future generations to question the narrative and then push back in whatever way necessary to thwart their plans to close the gate on the slaughter pin which they have erected around us all.

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