The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in America

As we continue in our lock down suspended animation, I remember the freedoms that we had as this new year began. We were all free to go where we please without restrictions. We went to concerts, restaurants, sporting events and other gatherings of every kind imaginable. Flash forward and we now find ourselves in a never ending lockdown of 7 months on going. Gone is our once precious and cherished but often taken for granted freedoms in America. Yet there are still many Americans that don’t see the true loss of their freedoms. They are still waiting for things to get back to the way things once were. That ship sunk in March and now is resting at the bottom of life’s ocean. Many people find themselves on a different and very unfamiliar ship now. Many others are scrambling to build their own ship to sail these new uncharted waters. One thing is for certain and that is this, things will never be the same again. This talk of the new normal has mesmerized some people and infuriated others. There is gaslighting on a scale never seen before. The goal posts are constantly being changed. People are fatigued and confused, burnt out and depressed. This is exactly what the powers that be want. This small cartel of sociopaths which hold us all hostage. When you think about it, there is maybe less than a thousand people that really run life on the planet from the highest levels. The presidents, dictators, kings and sheiks. The big bankers and other mega power brokers which maintain the financial systems of the world. I am talking about the very top and most powerful people running things. There are around 7.5 billion people on this planet. How is it that possibly only around one thousand high level people can keep us all under their thumbs? I will tell you how, fear and ignorance. To the ignorant fear is a very powerful and effective weapon against the masses. I don’t use the word weapon lightly either. This is no more apparent than what we are seeing take place around the world right now. Especially in places like Australia, a country who’s citizens had their newly non-compliant firearms confiscated back in 1996 in a matter of weeks after a mass shooting. Over 640,000 semi-auto rifles and shotguns were seized thru a mandatory government buy back program and then destroyed. Around 60,000 compliant guns were voluntarily turned in. As the Australian citizens are trying to protest against the lock downs, they are now being arrested even while in the planning stages of organizing a protest. Even if you’re a pregnant woman they will not hesitate to arrest you as happened just recently. Only now are the Australian people seeing the error of their ways by giving up their firearms. Americans will soon find themselves in this same situation if we don’t stand up to this kind of tyranny. Gun sales in America are at a higher level than we have ever seen. If you’re purchasing your first ever firearm or adding to your armory, you need to really get your head around why you are making that purchase. Our fore fathers wrote the second amendment to protect the first amendment. We need to all be ready as gun owners to shoulder the responsibility of gun ownership and be ready to protect the rights that we have as Americans. This is not a game these power mongers are playing. This is the real deal, where the rubber meets the road and where the bullet enters the chamber. If we don’t stand up to tyranny in America now, the present and all future generations will only know one thing and that is slavery. This is the eleventh hour, liberty or death, there is no other option.

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