The Illusion of Money

I have noticed that nature around the planet is returning to comfort us as the world is in lock down over the coronavirus. It is we who had frightened nature away with all of our business, noise and pollution. I sincerely hope that when people are exposed to nature once again, especially in China, they will not allow themselves to be put back into that cage of oppression ever again. This is a singular moment in human history in which we are all being given the opportunity to truly see and experience what is really import and it is not money. Money is only good for one thing in our everyday world and that is to buy stuff. Those that control the money from the top see it as a way to control people. However if your were in the middle of the wilderness would money help you navigate the terrain? Would money be useful to hunt for food, to forage for plants to consume? In a survival situation money again has a single purpose and that is to be used as tender to make a fire. In this situation one hundred one dollar bills is actually more valuable that a single one hundred dollar bill. The only reason that things are going to eventually collapse monetarily is because those that control the money from the top are once again trying to imprison us with their currency. It is time for the people of the world to re-evaluate this concept of money in our lives. There is no reason to collapse this world into an oppressive prison planet over peoples inability to make money while be held prisoners in their own homes. Nature charges us nothing to extract its resources for our use yet we charge a premium for these free gifts when they are sold to the masses. We now all have the time to really ponder the life which we have built upon this planet and when we emerge, to change the way in which we conduct ourselves. This is a rare paradigm shift opportunity to point all the inhabitants of Earth in a new direction. Many will say that a world without money is an insane concept but just look at what the powers that be are proposing with lock downs, martial law, and other freedom striping plans over this lack of money. Tell me again which concept is really the more insane.

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