The Power of Unity

As I watch the Coronavirus pandemic situation unfold, I am reminded of the word unity. The definition for unity is the state of being one. Right now in America and around the world we are all unified via this pandemic. In reality there is a war taking place with the human race on the biological level and the soldiers are the virus and our own immune systems. In the wake of the battles there is human suffering and death, as in any war. There are also stories of hope, encouragement, and human connections on deeply emotional levels. The virus is spreading like a slow moving fire through the human race right now. Our own immune systems fight the battle and we are the casualties of the war. But this to shall pass and the time will come when we can come out of hiding and begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild. We will be challenged to the very core of our existence, financially, mentally and physically. Throughout history this has been the story for mankind but there is an underlying built-in trait that always binds us together and that is unity. Tragedy brings us closer to the ones we love, to the things in life that matter the most. Fear and anguish can rob us of the energy which we need to conquer our dire situation. Life is all about energy in motion. From our beating hearts to our rhythmic breathing, to our daily activities that shape our lives and give us meaning. As discouraging as these times may be, we must remain vigilant in our own minds to not give into the negative injury of the war that is raging. We must fight with every ounce of our internal fortitude to not allow the battle ahead to bring us down. For if we lose hope and give into the negativity of life around us, we become vessels of despair. We must remain vigilant in our fight against this biological enemy. The times ahead will be very tough and not without challenges but remember that steel sharpens steel. Muscle is built by tearing and healing through working out. A caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly by entombing itself in a cocoon and then re-emerging through the struggle of escaping that tomb.  As we experience the riggers of social isolation and quarantines, the frustration and angst of not being able to spend time with those we care about, the pain and the suffering of sickness and death, never lose hope. When this viral fire moves on, there will be a time to morn the losses, to feel the sensation of what it means to be human and we can build again. It is what we humans do best, unity through the best of times and the worst of times. Our unity is our heritage upon this planet because we are all living and working together. We share in this experience today because it is our time, as it was for those who came before us. We watch the same sunsets, see the same clouds, drink the same waters and face the same devastating illnesses. We navigate our lives looking for purpose, trying to make sense of it all. We are all united in so many ways and together we can emerge from this pandemic and continue the journey together in unity.

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