This Is A Time For Leadership


As the world continues to go into a tailspin over the coronavirus pandemic, it reminds me of a very strong trait of our civilization. In dire times and duress, people look for leadership. We are in uncharted waters right now, no one really knows quite what to do or what to expect. There are many power structures at play, juxtaposing for control over a very out of control paradigm shift of life on this planet. Mankind will not be the same after 2020. We have seen similar situations before but never of this magnitude due to our advanced technologies and financial construct. As a species we have mostly become addicted to the modern world of electronics and instant access to everything 24/7. And now our very existence is being altered by an organism that can not even be seen with the naked eye. A battle is being waged on the quantum level inside of our own bodies which does not play by our rules, does not care about our political views, the color of our skin, our religious beliefs. We are dealing with a force of nature and I truly believe that we have largely lost our instincts of survival. Our built-in knowledge base which is imprinted in our strands of DNA, handed down through the millennia by those that have walked the earth before us. This is a unique time for new leadership to rise up at a grassroots level. As I watch panic begin to build around me I can feel the energy when I go shopping for supplies. I look around and see mostly victims who have no idea what is coming their way. I see people buying things that will do them little good in a potential societal collapse situation. I see people who have never had to deal with what is happening now around the world. There people though who had experience in similar situations who are all but dead now. The Spanish Flu survivors, WWI & WWII survivors, Dust Bowl survivors, The Great Depression survivors. They had the knowledge and wisdom to pass on to all of us but how many people actually listened to them and took their wisdom for use in times like these? By what I am observing today, I would venture to guess not many. The truth is we are entering a new plane of existence on this planet. It is really a struggle between the dual natures of the human condition, good vs evil. Times like these are when leaders rise up from both sides of the coin. I truly believe that it is time to take positive leadership roles if you are moved to do so. If you have an expertise, critical knowledge, ideas or special skills. Get involved on the local level in your town, city or county. Get involved in your community, in your business sector, in your religious community. Don’t wait for the Federal government to take care of you because you probably won’t like the results. There are people in leadership roles who will find they are in over their heads as this world pandemic continues to unfold. This is a 12D world event, playing out on an enormous amount of levels. You will find that there are people in those leadership roles who will be unable to handle the true nature of coming future events. This is a time to either assist in leadership roles or be ready to assume those roles when these leaders are unable to perform their duties adequately anymore. This will not be a time to sit by and let inept people lead the masses into total ruin and chaos. In your work place, is your boss or managers of sound leadership material? As we all continue to try and work our jobs during this pandemic, they will be making decisions which will affect the people they supervise. Are they really capable to handle their roles as leaders in times like these? If they are, consider yourself lucky. Many people during the Great Depression found themselves unable to function anymore because their way of existence was shattered by the reality that was playing out. For those that have lost their employment already, are there ways to make your chosen trade work in spite of the current challenges and limitations? If so then reach out to those higher up the ladder to offer ideas and solutions. Ideas are cheap but can reap tremendous rewards if executed successfully. What have they really got to lose? The best assets of any company or business are its workers. Necessity is the mother of invention and this will be an open season for inventing new ways of doing things. This is not a time to simply cave in but rather a time to find out what you are really made of. In the process you might find yourself presented with a leadership opportunity, which could greatly inspire those around you who are looking for strong leadership. The best leaders are born in the flames of adversity, not the cool waters of the status quo.

Let’s be safe out there!

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